We are excited to share the creation of our new project with you. It’s an illustrated cookbook of easy, delicious, healthy and earth-friendly meals. We’re working with Cornell Cooperative Extension. Find out more and get free, illustrated recipes!

We’re taking a break from the Stick to Local Adventure Map this year, but we’ll be giving out recipes at a farmstand near you!

Egg Frittata.


The Stick to Local Farms Cookbook

The Stick to Local Farms Cookbook is filled with easy, delicious, healthy recipes for locally grown fruit and vegetables. Seasonally organized with flexible recipes that adapt to what you find at your local farmers market or in your own garden.

The Stick to Local Farms Cookbook is a wonderful idea and a great accomplishment—I am going to put the rhubarb soup on the menu this weekend! Maria gathers her thoughts just as one gathers ingredients to prepare a delicious meal, distinguishing the seasons in presentation and format. Reading this book is like talking food to her in person. I love it!
— John Novi, chef and owner, Depuy Canal House, High Falls, NY