Collect the stickers, have adventures, make amazing friends, enjoy local bounty!

Collect the stickers, have adventures, make amazing friends, enjoy local bounty!


Collect all the farm stickers and get this special gold-bordered completion sticker. This year it features a green man--a mythical character representing the vitality and bounty of nature. Our green man is a tribute to chef john novi, who has championed rondout valley produce at his award-winning depuy canal house restaurant and beyond for 40 years.


First, get the map

Pick up a beautiful, free, folding map at participating farms, from brochure racks all over Ulster and Dutchess counties, from Interstate Highway brochure racks, or from us

Next, explore the farms

Vegetable, fruit, dairy, flower, herb, livestock, nursery, tree, seed and horse farms--we've got them all in the Rondout Valley! There are traditional farms that are centuries old, and there are new, innovative farms that are just getting established. Here is a link to the Google map where you can see the farm's addresses, hours of operation, websites and more.  You can also check out our Tours menu (above) for themed, bicycle, group, and self-guided tours!

Meet amazing farmers

You will love meeting some of the most powerful and creative people in the valley. It takes a very special person to be a farmer, someone strong enough to work sun up to sundown (especially during the long days of summer) yet smart and experienced enough to know when, where and how to nurture thriving plants and animals. 

Don't forget to collect stickers

Each farm has a unique art sticker for you--as you add them your map will become more colorful. Each sticker tells a story about the farm you're visiting and you'll get to see first hand what farmers are up to and what they're growing.


When you collect 10 stickers, you will be awarded 4 Homegrown Mini-Golf passes and a Stick to Local Farms Cookbook (a $25 value). When you collect all the stickers you get a fancy sparkly completion sticker and a market bag of farmy treats and products (priceless!). Just  send us a selfie with your stickered-up map with your name and address to get your rewards.

As you visit each farm you'll collect great stories and photos, too! Share them on your Facebook page or on Instagram and tag them #stick2local, or by email for a chance to win a farmy prize!

Name that Farm! Around the border of this year's map are farmer photos and clues. Fill in your answers and enter to win a market bag of farm goodies!

Spot 'em! There's also scavenger hunt list of farmy items for you to find, as you find them, check them off. Post photos on Facebook or Instagram and tag them #stick2local for a chance to win a farmy prize!

The Stick to Local Farms Cookbook

The Stick to Local Farms Cookbook is filled with easy, delicious, healthy recipes for locally grown fruit and vegetables. Seasonally organized with flexible recipes that adapt to what you find at your local farmers market or in your own garden.

The Stick to Local Farms Cookbook is a wonderful idea and a great accomplishment—I am going to put the rhubarb soup on the menu this weekend! Maria gathers her thoughts just as one gathers ingredients to prepare a delicious meal, distinguishing the seasons in presentation and format. Reading this book is like talking food to her in person. I love it!
— John Novi, chef and owner, Depuy Canal House, High Falls, NY